CA Boat Shack was developed as a series of independent “Petit” housing projects. The house has a footprint of just 8 x 8m and is a three-storey, summer shack for a Scuba Diving Instructor couple. As they enter retirement, the brief for this home was for it to be modest ($180K), casual and weather-beaten, with a type of ‘boat shack’ vernacular. The idea of the shack is that it is operable, and flexes over the seasons and with time. In the summertime, it opens up to the breezes; shutter windows, hatches, loft spaces, attic bunks and daybeds unfold for the inflow of family and friends. In winter the shack is bolted up and spaces separate to allow for a cosy retreat in the cooler climate. The size is modest, but with the complexity of overlapping trusses, levels, materials and overlooking that a boat shack surrenders to.

[In progress]

Architect: Kylie Feher