There has been a signicant demographic shift in the Australian population in recent times, with more than half of the resident population stating they were single in 2006. Similar milestones are being passed across the developed world as living single, once the fate of a pitiable few becomes the norm. Terms to describe this growing army are proliferating almost as fast as the single population itself: ‘freemales’ ‘parasite singles’ and ‘quirkyalones’. Despite this social commentary and studies that focus on single living, there is limited research that recognises demographics play a signicant role in shaping the design of buildings, products and cities of the future. It is the intent of this research project to further dene the single individual and test ways the architectural practice may consciously design for this growing demographic. The project aim for the Singletown development is to propose a new building typology that better responds to social circumstances and population growth, in order to achieve sustainable urban and architectural outcomes. Old typologies are questioned that gentrify, isolate and prescribe a social order on a development and a space.