Authors: Kylie Feher, Brent Ford, Clare Kennedy

National and State SONA Superstudio Competition [Winner]

Venice Architecture Biennale [2010]

The Self Absorbed City was the winner of both the National and State Competition held by SONA (Student Organised Network for Architecture) in 2010. The prize included return flights and entry to the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Using a holistic approach towards sustainable architecture, the Self Absorbed City promotes a greener, more active city that uses forms of transport powered on kinetic and renewable energy. The initiative uses existing theories and real technologies, not just the tired premise that invention will save us. The city is programmed to a grid system that can produce, store and distribute its own renewable energy. Wasted energy from human foot traffic and activity is collected and generated into an electrical current. This speculative vision of a cities future is part of a broader integrated energy strategy that could be applied to different scales, and part of a greater energy curcuit. It considers the local consequences of global effects, to explore ways that loosing petrol will shape the urban environment.

Jury Citation:

"The judging panel enjoyed the Self Absorbed City team's creative and holistic response to the brief and their resulting vision of the city as a circuit board for renewable energy production. The architectural solution provides a robust interpretation of a building type to symbolise the convergence of a new integrated energy network. The concept could believably be developed as a template for a network of energy transfer stations that could be adapted to suit the site, and needs of the community, in which they are placed".